Who are the New Forest Group?


Penny Stannard was until recently, Hearing Therapist at Royal South Hants Hospital. Penny now works full time in her own business, The Private Ear Clinic, but comes to talk to the group when she can. Penny was instrumental in facilitating our referral scheme to RSH. (See our Flowchart which explains the referral pathway).


Jan Cox, Bowen Technique Therapist also works closely with members to help with tinnitus management.


Many of our members are experienced in helping people with tinnitus as they have the condition themselves and have helpful advice to offer visitors to the group.


The every day tasks for running the group are shared amongst the team members.


At the New Forest Tinnitus Group there is a wide selection of information and equipment which can assist, together with a very supportive group of members with varied and interesting ideas of things to try. We are always looking at new equipment to obtain for members to have on loan (see Resources section) and will ask a member of the group to give something a good trial then write a review for our Tinnitus handbook in the Review section.


There are three strands to achieving a good outcome when dealing with tinnitus:-


1. Understanding mechanisms of tinnitus which must include Audiological diagnosis, explanation and therapy plan.


2. Provision of equipment (hearing aid/s, tinnitus retrainer/s or other equipment) plus tinnitus counselling


3. Relaxation therapy. At the group we suggest Bowen Technique and/or Tai Chi as both being excellent.

In addition to achieving the above, continuing to belong to a support group such as ours, is a valuable way of increasing your knowledge of what is going on in the world of tinnitus, discussing new developments and ideas as well as being part of a very supportive group.


We have also forged strong links with the BTA and Jan attended the BTA Conference in Manchester in 2015 will report to the group at forthcoming meetings. There is a full transcript of the Conference available at monthly meetings


Come along and meet the team!


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