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Our loan library

Everyone’s experience with tinnitus is unique and we believe treatment should reflect this. For this reason, we have collected an array of books, CDs and tinnitus therapy equipment over the years, all available for loan. For a small fee you can borrow any of these items, to enable you to 'try before you buy'.


We are always open to trying new things and strive to keep up to date, therefore we welcome donations, suggestions or reviews of treatments you've tried. Please discuss your thoughts with a committee memeber at the next meeting.

An independent charity providing world-leading support and advice for people who experience tinnitus. Working towards their vision for "a world where no one suffers from tinnitus”, they also support medical research and provide healthcare professional training. 


For more information please visit their website, tinnitus educational portal "Take on Tinnitus" or contact them via the confidential freephone helpline: 0800 018 0527


British Tinnitus Association

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